Mission Statement of Emmanuel Baptist Church:

Maturity – We are committed to helping individual believers grow spiritually into mature followers of Christ. This is why the word of God is at the heart of every ministry. Central to this objective is the preaching and teaching that we receive from the pulpit on a weekly basis. Additionally, we have one-on-one discipleship available as well as various other ministries designed to encourage spiritual growth, including a 3-year Bible Institute. 

Ministry – We are committed to ministering to the needs of others both within our church as well as the community. There are many opportunities to develop relationships with each other in the context of the church ministry so that we can benefit from one another’s strengths and gifts. We seek to assist the local church membership in bearing one another’s burdens, helping as need arises and in prayer. We seek to also reach outwards into our surrounding area with various outreach programs.

Missions – We are committed to doing our part in getting the gospel of Jesus Christ to every person. We begin by reaching our immediate area going door-to-door as well as public ministries, then into surrounding towns that have no clear gospel witness. We also engage in world-wide missions giving to help spread the Gospel around the world.

Marriage and Family – We are committed to equipping families to stay together and raise their children to honor and serve the Lord. We are not here to compete with the home, but compliment and reinforce it. We teach and stand for biblical marriage and family principles only, and strive to equip the church to make it a matter of highest priority.

Morals and Manners – We are committed to teaching God’s people good manners and moral character. We are called to be salt and light and therefore must know and realize the life that Christ has saved us for. In teaching and example, we strive to develop godly character.

Music – We are committed to cultivating a love for conservative, godly music that honors God and edifies our faith. We abstain from sensual and carnal music of any sort, and teach and exhort the church to love what God loves and hate what God hates. Music is very powerful, either for good, or for evil. We therefore will teach on God’s music principles, teach how to sing in 4-part harmony, and encourage people to learn instruments as well.

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