Emmanuel Baptist Church currently supports 30 Fundamental Baptist missionaries who are taking the Gospel around the world.


Dan Tribuzio Family – Australia

Jason Impson Family – Australia

Duane C. Family – Southeast Asia

Jed C. – Southeast Asia

John R. Family – Southeast Asia

Paul S. Family – Asia

Fred Brashear Family – Fiji

Jeff & Tracie Greeson – Church Planters (New Hampshire)

Stephen Perkins Family – Evangelist (United States)

Ron Alberico Family – Evangelist (United States)

Allen Davis Family – Church Planters (California)

Curtis & Debbie Gibson – Church Planters (Louisiana)

Shawn & Emma Dunn – Victory Baptist Press (United States)

Mark Smith Family – Truth Evangelistic Ministries (United States)

Van Coker Family – Anchor of Hope Girls Home (United States)

Darin Robinson Family – Independent Baptist Builders (United States)

Israel Warren Family – Alaska

Susan Willis – Philippines

Tommy & JoAnn Tillman – Thailand and Mongolia

Mitch & Baljmaa Tillman – Mongolia

Wayne & Glynda Anderson – Belize and Guatemala

Josh Hill Family – Guatemala

Wayne Cooke Family – Guatemala

Eric & Lisa Kreh – Netherlands

Jamie Weidmann Family – England

Jason Stanley Family – Spain

Patrick Wolfe Family – Germany

Chris M. Family – Middle East

Michael Overton Family – Uganda, Africa

Katie Walker – Kenya, Africa